About Everest.305

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest level of overall customer service and satisfaction in the appliances and kitchen products industry.  We utilize long-term Strategic Partnerships with the best-performing manufacturers and professional industry experts in the various business areas, we will then develop the right procurement and logistics solution for each need. These relationships have endured for decades and shape the foundation of our business model.  

We believe it is our responsibility to add value, through increased efficiencies and profitability, to our client's and suppliers businesses along with our own. 



Our History 

Hosmith Martinez started doing business in Latin America in 1999 in a marketing and sales role for industrial products and in 2002 joined Whirlpool Corporation, gaining experience in logistics, supply chain, after sales service, business development and sales.  In 2013, he joined Electrolux Home Products, adding more experience in the floor care, small and large appliances business. 

Everest.305 was formed in 2019 to leverage Hosmith's experience and continue to help customers in Latin America and the Caribbean as a sales consultant, factory representative and procurement specialist leveraging 20+ years of experience and relationships. 

Everest.305 will help procure and deliver all your product needs in the appliance, hospitality, restaurant supplies and general kitchen products industry.